Phoenix Terminal

4. Phoenix Terminal.nastya-maxymova-483474-unsplash

Some awful creature

Wriggles in the salt

And fights death


I try to shut my eyes

And remember my own hot breath


The desert dries a quick rain

Before our toes are wet

We burn our soles again

Right through our sandals


Nothing here has fur or flowers

Just pines, pricks, steel

Towers of perdition

A place without air or air



I wish I could jump in someone’s pool

See the moon

Kiss a fool in the snow


But here we are

Where no one ought to ever go

In the shadow of Squaw’s Peak

Where the bugs know to gather on our skin

And eat us

As the cactus shows us an old scar

On a green, sharp, mean fin


This place is made for lizards



Sand blizzards moving the red dust

Which covers us

And turns our shoes to thick rust



Let us leave this awful spot

It’s cracked and crooked skin

Like one giant parking lot

To an abandoned mall

We are lost in


Whether we fly

Drive, run, walk, hitch or crawl

It’s time to head back East

To the beautiful colors of



Let this Phoenix

Fall to ashes

And rise again as something



By Julie Flanders
Photo by Nastya Maxymova

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