Calliope’s Cry

All the gods have gone to bed

Where the oceans wept

And bled for centuries



Man has risen to its feet

Shook its fist

And seen the centuries repeat


Yet it remains


With different names

And the world it calls its own

Rewinds itself

To flame


Break the chains of time

Take me to the timeless places

We will never see

Except when you are staring back like this

At me


And we will be there

Where the gods that still exist will come alive

Inside us


Then we’ll close our eyes

And feel the drowsy spirits hypnotize our senses

We climb the winding fences to the sky

Knowing this is how the spirits play

Different shapes of DNA

Into our lives


Man has risen to its height

And shaken out its light so clear

It sees eternity ignite and disappear

Into abrupt horizons


But now it’s only darkness here

And echoes

Where we begin to hear the voices of the gods


Singing to themselves

A lullaby


Scant emotions that bleed and weep

In timeless oceans too deep to hold


Take me now and fold me under

Cover me in love

And wonder

We will sleep together

Through this night


  • Julie Flanders,


harvesting shadwos.larm-rmah-112824

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