The Book of Rounds – Interview with Singer Hannah LaPalombara

In this post we continue our series of interviews with the singers brought together by October Project on their Sounds True recording, The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace. This week we interview Hannah LaPalombara, who is featured on the musical round “Believe,” track 5.

Hannah LaPalombara is a world traveler, an expert in linguistics, a Star Wars lover, and a Philly native. But behind her cheerful disposition and sunny speaking voice, Hannah hides her greatest power of all: she’s also an alto two.

Beginning in high school, Hannah capitalized on this gift, singing in an ensemble-based madrigal group where she found companionship in close harmonies for the first time. At Yale, Hannah went on to sing with Redhot & Blue, Yale’s oldest co-ed a cappella group from which October Project selected many of the Book of Rounds singers.

After graduating from college, Hannah lived in Guatemala for two years at a nonprofit where she worked with indigenous communities to develop a number of programs and initiatives. “I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing now,” she says. This work in question focuses on international development in Latin America, bringing Hannah to currently reside in DC, but she says she is eager for the opportunity to live abroad again.

Hannah is featured on “Believe” in Chapter One of the Book of Rounds, although she says her absolute favorite songs on the album are “Home” and “Earth.” “The particular harmonies in those are intriguing” she recalls – an aspect inherent to a cappella to which many can relate. “I love the way the chords resolve.”

Interested in hearing intriguing harmonies? The song “Believe” can be listened to here:


By Lucy Tomasso

Lucy Tomasso is a prospective Theater Studies major at Yale and an avid a cappella singer. A member of Yale’s Redhot and Blue, she is honored be a descendant of the Redhot lineage that includes October Project’s Marina Belica. Looking forward, Lucy hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, particularly writing for either the stage or screen.  

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 Hannah LaPalombara


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