Late Show in the Stadium

By Julie Flanders


You raise your cup to the guy in the sky

The figment of everyone’s imagination

Is this despair or celebration

You enter the tournament with

All the enthusiasm of a gladiator facing the sword

You don’t have the choice to move away

So you move toward heaven


Slowly or quickly, you will meet your fate

Your eyes rise to the locked gate

And the cathedral of those more fortunate

Who pray for their own versions of the same thing


You bow

To the king

And his fractured son


You reconsider—

Perhaps you are the lucky one

Perhaps you will catch the sun in your eyes

And reflect your enemy back to himself

An image he will fail to recognize

The surprising villain beneath the hero

The incredible mathematical power

Of zero


Get up

And thank your guiding stars

Get up

And dance to the music of a million guitars

Strumming wildly in people’s minds

It’s your favorite song

You can do no wrong; you are alive and strong

You are meant to belong to this family of man

So you do what you can

You raise your cup to the beautiful light

To the coming down of night

To the perpetual coliseum


You don’t need to be right

You only need to be true

You know yourself

You know this is you

You see yourself come back now

In a thousand cheering skins


You step into the ring

And the tournament begins


Photo by Tom Sodoge

Entering Stadium.Tom Sodoge

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