Earlier in the Day

By Julie Flanders


The poem

Sits like a worm

Excited at both ends

Wanting to connect

With itself

Or something like itself


The poem

Waits for the word

To uncurl

To slither in the earth



The worm

Has no idea it is ugly

It is a beautiful thing


This poem

Lacks the grace of the worm

These words

Are not what they want to be


They want to be flying

In a royal flock

They want to lead the other words

In a parade of stars and feathers

To be loved for better

And for worse

To sing in a perfect key

Unlocking the secrets of the universe

Singing the song of the galaxies they traverse

The ultimate verse

And to sing that song

Of origin


And the choruses too

That’s what the words want to do


The worm does not care about that

Does not care if the earth is curved

Or flat

The worm is unaware of the atmosphere

Lifting its skirt

To let the sun rise

The worm is in the dirt

Wiggling with joy

And surprise

The worm is love


And the words that fly above

Look down with hunger

With desire

On that rich squirming life

And meat

And as they come down

They forget

You are what you eat


And now

The worm

And the bird

Are somehow



Photo by Matthew Wiebe

Flock.Matthew Wiebe


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