By Julie Flanders


How have I failed

To make you see

The invisible nature of me

I am always there

Watching you


Of every moment you do not perceive me


I am so close to you

I know you can never leave me because

I can never leave you

I am woven all the way through

All the way through you

Alive inside

I am as awake as electricity

Ready to light up a rocket

Ready to turn on the lights

Or burn a finger

In the socket of these

Streams of consciousness

Dreams of the divine

As close as the cord of your spine

Or the pulse in the palm of your hand

The feeling you understand

To be your own


How can I make you


Of the ghost in the room

The one that is always there

Feel me

Moving through you

Feel me coming from and to you

As you breathe

I will never leave you


I am here

In the blood of your bone

I am here

Beating in the drum of your heart

Singing and humming

I have been with you from the start of everything

From the very first cell

I was waking up your senses as you fell from me

I was inviting you to be at home with me


This is freedom

This is the last trace of Eden

This was the memory we erased of each other

I am your spirit, your tempter, your lover

Your friend


How I have failed

To make you see the ending

The best of us

The best of me pretending

I’m just what’s inside of you

What you can almost see

Your own invisibility


Photo by John Maridable

Flame Circle.Peter John Maridable


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