Esurient Conrad Ectozoan

By Julie Flanders


Are you still as hungry

As your eyes

Eating everything in sight

But nothing fills

Or fulfills that wish

More empty

Than any dish



Like some forgotten satellite

Your orbit left un-right

And no one cares

No one stares any more

As you grab the railing

Or climb the stairs

As you watch your skin


And count your few remaining hairs

Which stand up

Like small grey wires


So much of you is gone

Why not your desires


You crawl along

And the buildings stand

Like giant trees that yield nothing

No fruit, no breeze

The buildings are bald

Like you

Free of leaves

They stand bare

And proud above the streets

Where they feed no one

No one eats


But you still believe in it

You are awed

By how strong and tall

The structures stand

And so you crawl

Slowly, sadly

By some act of will or

Maybe just a deep instinct

Like a caterpillar

You crawl blindly

Up, up, up

Until you reach a place

Where you can go no further

And you pause

To curl into a tight cup

Of longing

Holding itself in

Clinging to dead things

And pretending not to feel

The sting of the wind



You fell in love with monuments

And you lived a silver lifeless lie

And now

You are a starving caterpillar

Who will never yield

A butterfly


Photo by Aaron Burden

Caterpillar.Aaron Burden


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