Breathless Oenophiles

By Julie Flanders

Crazy cabbie dances to near-death music

Football author walks too fast

American girl breathes heavy butterflies

At the same time


A million conversations move past

At the same time

Interrupting each other

Laughing at nothing

No wine with lunch

No noses in the trough

No attending goals


Italian locker rooms

Israeli soccer fields

Tantric warriors

Worth fighting for

Abandoned sunglasses

In the middle of the river

Sparkling chill

At the end of the day


(How did they get here?)

Slugs and swine fly

Into twilight

While Goth-beauty Ella reads

The whole world


Brit-wit, wine tasting dog

Travels to Withnail

Where Wesley is waiting

For some accolades by George

The nosey, perfect French

The Korean Barbie search

White idiots

Eating the accouterments first

The flame turned up

To heat the space between them

Elephants in the room

And everywhere

Football author confesses

To avoiding the armless starlet

With lyrics by the French femme fatale



It’s almost ending

Don’t look at the clock

Thank god for the Irish wine tasting

Who knew the Irish speak in tongues?

Magic everywhere the night is



Good night

Days, centuries pass

Till idle wild

Where the whole room shouts

Nervous, happy praise

Everyone stays

Until the end


Oh, no—

Time is speeding up

More Irish?

Maybe, but…

The Hawaiians recommend the Chinese

Yummy Brit does not eat broccoli

Mother, father, family


Hilarious dad tortures daughter

With supermarket dance


Oh, no—

It’s not France

Where’s Paris when you need it?

It’s only Times Square

Neon air

Above us


And one last breath

On the steps


Photo by Emanuele BrescianiTimes Square.Emauele Bresciani.jpeg

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