Fugue State


Timepieces.Heather ZabriskieHe died of suddenness

Breath caught short in that last moment

Where everything that came before

Or could have happened after

Moved past inquiry

Or capture


He was never like the others

And as he discarded

All the reasons, excuses

Stories and exchanges

Husked his spirit free

Of friends, lovers

Children and strangers

He forgot himself


The way we put time together

Makes it seem

As if we are living in some reality

Rather than the true dream

Of illusions

And memories we conjure

Along the way

All the people, names

Places and feelings

We can no longer say

See, taste, touch or share


He is no longer here

He is no longer there

What does it mean

To even mention this man

Is he still with us

With me

Still somehow

A part of the divine plan


We know nothing

We pretend we understand time

And then we die

Each one of us

Submitting ourselves to the eternal


From which we emerge


And to which we shall return


By Julie Flanders

Photo by Heather Zabriskie

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1 Response to Fugue State

  1. mukul chand says:

    beautifully expressed, lover the complimenting pic.

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