Staring Into the Sun

4.25 Staring Into the Sun Photo.Kirsten Skiles

Staring Into the Sun
By Julie Flanders

You moved ahead
I stayed behind
There was something
I was hoping to find

Courage, sanity
Something to hold
Something to hold me
Something to keep me

I feel like a coward
When I look at you
My heart is pounding
With lies I made true

My heart is pounding
With ignorant love
And all of the messiness
Life is made of

I put an acorn in my pocket
And carried a tree
Away from itself
And back home with me

Do trees hide in acorns
Are they really in there
Or is the acorn just a signal
To the soil and the air
To come to be
To grow
To grow through and past

The acorn is mine now
So far from its birth
I carry the future
Away from the earth
The acorn feels safer
On the bureau in my room

You were in here once
I know it
You stole my perfume

Still moving ahead
You’re far from me now
I’ve returned to a past
That you will not allow
To change

The past changes
Memory rearranges itself
And everything else
I live there now
I live here now

I live nowhere
You would recognize

You moved ahead
I stayed behind
And now I’m everywhere

Photo (C) Kirsten Skiles


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