Creche Blossom

brooklyn botanic garden crocus 2

Crèche Blossom
By Julie Flanders

The morning finds its shape
In the shadows of a wish
A small cat drinks
From a large dish
Spring bursts
Into a frenzy of leaves
The crocus curtseys
To flowers
Opening their sleeves
As trees bow
In the pink breeze

I am too full of desire to breathe
Too full of love
To even conceive how
This rich earth dives in and out
Of itself
Dying to live again
In this rebirth

I am too full of desire
To leave you
I long to stay and hold us both
Where today
Will soon be

You break the flower
At its stem
And hand it to me
I bend
To smell the fragrant scent
And see
The place where it was torn

A violent gift of life
Where beauty passes
As it’s born


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