Dream Aperture

4.21 Dream Aperture Photo

Dream Aperture
By Julie Flanders

Why do we go look
Over the edge of the canyon
Into the great caverns of loss
That open within us
Like an ecstasy

In all that great unknowing
Is what we know
To undo
Any thought
That we have any idea
Of living past
Of living through

I hold your hand
And I look at you
Not as you are
Not as you were
But as you always will be
In my eyes

In that Grand Canyon
In those empty skies
Between and beyond us
We can still feel
Too much
And I can still reach the longing
That voices itself with your name
Your spirit
Your touch
Our flame

If we were dancing
If we were singing
If we were waking up
From our sleep
We would fling ourselves
Into the canyon
Like birds
Looking down
Into our own endless

And we would scream
We would scream joy
We would scream like a child
Who realizes
The world is a toy


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