Crude Awakening

4.16 Crude Awakening Photo

Crude Awakening
By Julie Flanders

The blood of ancient creatures
From the split hull of a ship
As the water darkens, curls its lip
And a lone gull loses his way home

We swim the oily coast
And let the sun roast us gently
For a while
We bake in each other’s arms
And we smile into our mortality

The birds now raise a collective alarm
As they caw over the dead fish
That pay the price
Of some dark, human wish
Of unintended harm

The genie is out of the lamp
The sand is black and damp
And sick
As the fires light some invisible wick of the sea
And the waters burn

The horizon is ice
White with sacrifice
As the smoke rises
Black and odd
From the sad altar of the sea
Rising to the sky of some modern
Who will not learn our names

We cannot breathe the air
Or swim too deep
We have our own, tiny flames
To protect
As the ship bleeds
And is wrecked


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