4.18 Vivace Photo

By Julie Flanders

I should be singing
But I rebel
There is something
I want to shout
I want to tell

Was there was any doubt
Except the one
I could never quell
That one day I would ask
And you would answer
And break the spell of faith
That keeps me here
Even when I am so afraid
To break

I can hear someone else
In the hall
I don’t even go to see who it is
Someone moving
Busily through the lobby
Now climbing the steps
To a life above me
That my mind intercepts
And discards
Because I am here
With my own life
And my own life’s shards

You almost made me
Forget my longing
Sometimes I can still remember
The song
The one I was going to sing
The one to which I thought
You would sing along

Please take me
To the edge of this cliff
Please tell me to jump out
To fall in
Please believe I will
Lift my wings in the wind
And fly
On a promise
You will not rescind
You have to
Know how much I still care
Enough to trust you
To trust love
And to leap into thin air


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