Even Before Eden

4.15 Even Before Eden Photo

Even Before Eden
By Julie Flanders

Somewhere in the corner of language
Where the first sounds
Changed by a fire
Sent smoke toward the caves
Gave teeth, tongue and song to human desire
Rising up and slamming down
In a dance of feet, legs, hands clapping
Feeling the thrum and beat of meanings
That surge through us
Like some empyrean directive
Eyes open to the sky we still gaze at
Each a detective
Into the past
Staring into the dark glass of the sky
And the lattice of stars
And all the mysterious architecture of Chaos
And Theos
We bring through us
As we chatter words
Chew through the symbols of the day
In a casual, irritating way
Spinning stories of sin and magic
Weaving the webs of strange and tragic heroes
Creating the duality of ones and zeros
By which we live and interconnect
By which we attempt to become whole
Even as we dissect our experience
And use these words
Husked of their history
Divorced from the hair and blood
Of human and divine mystery
Sentences forming paragraphs
Quotation marks and commas
Obscuring the powerful, terrible grammar
From which we sprang
When we first sounded out the name of God
As the heavens sounded the world into shapes
Just odd enough for us to live in
Filling all the corners of the Earth
Forgiving nothing with our tongues
Forgetting the birth of these dark songs
Forgetting they were ever sung
As the whole world slips unnoticed
From our lips
And we separate from ourselves
From the rich Vedic wells of language
And connection
Beyond, through, and beyond detection
We carry secrets no vivisection can reveal
And this is the secret
That our words conceal—
Words serve
To make imagination

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