Black Box

4.14 Black Box Photo

Black Box
By Julie Flanders

There was no black box
With your voice
To tell me how it happened
You were just gone

And with you
So many stories vanish
To a horizon
Past anything I can see

I wish I had your ending
Here to guide me
To lead me to understand how
You handed me the world
In front of me
And now
I no longer have your hand
To hold

When I was young
I remember you took my freezing fingers
In your big palm
Which was full of some kind of sunshine
That made me calm
And incredibly warm

If I had all the information
How would that inform me
Any better than I already am
How would knowing how
Change what happened
Into something I can understand

One time in a huge snowstorm
You helped me build a fort
And I pretended I was an ice princess
And that small cave was my court

Back on that wildwood terrace
You were my king
Our servants drank cocoa
And ate Cracker Jacks
And I wore the Cracker Jacks ring
Like something royal

That ring was worth everything
In our kingdom

The world crashes
A million times a day
And a million other people wonder
Maybe in the same way
How did my beloved slip away

If there were a black box
Where you had said good-bye
Would I be any less afraid to fly
After you

And when you took your last look
At the sky
Did you have a hand to hold
As kind
As warm
As your own

That is what I will imagine now
And pretend
It is what I have always known

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