Resist Allow

April is Poetry Month. Day 2.

Resist Allow
By Julie Flanders 4/2/15

Gorging on the sky
I am bloated and delirious
With beauty
There are no words
For the dance of the sea
Or the flight of
White birds
That beat their wings
Where my heart should be

You are always there
Where I am most
On this too perfect coast

The ocean gives itself to me
Too large to hold
Or even see
With common eyes

You are what my heart denies
You are the most beautiful places
I fear
And the deepest embraces
Of surprise
Where I am clear
For once
And always

There is too much beauty
For me to feel
To touch
To taste

But I still try

Life runs so deep
And wide
And with such haste
There is no time
To waste

I fill my lungs until they ache
I breathe myself
And then I face
The beauty that surrounds me

Resist, allow, resist, allow

4-2 Resist Allow Photo

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