On Three

Jumping into the new week with poem #6.

By Julie Flanders 4/7/15

We hurl ourselves into the maverick
With its own fierce currency
You wonder if we’ll make it back from this
I never wonder anything

Your mother lay there on the bed
So drunk
We both thought she was dead
But she was just pulling the morning up
Over her head like a blanket
Over a child

You curl your lip
Your laugh is wild
Your hair grows out in a magnificent pile
Almost like a crown of thorns
We blow the morning
Watch the storms exploding
Until the world reforms itself
And us

The greater world begins
Out where the curtain is
You have to look beyond the crowd
Of surfaces
You wonder if the whole world is
Your audience
I just notice everyone applauding us

Your brother never made it
Back from Afghanistan
You told me that’s how the world makes
A boy into a man
Who am I to disagree?
I’m just the one you’re telling it to
I’m just me
Being secretly glad it was him and not you

Some things you don’t say
Even if they’re true

Your mother’s crying in her sleep
A secret you’re determined to keep
From everyone but me

Let’s go
Hold hands and jump the cliff
The water will catch us like some tiny gift
And toss us around in a froth of waves
We’ll be like toys
That the ocean saves for itself
For another day

I don’t know what else to say
I don’t even know what else to do
Except to jump out with a scream
And swim into the water with you
All the way in
No fear no doubt

All the way in
Is the only way out

4-6 On Three Photo


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