Moondust Palace

Poem 3 for April is Poetry Month.

By Julie Flanders 4/3/15

The moon offers her surface
And we walk to our
Moondust palace
Our hands are soft
But the past behind us is
As callous as our wounds

This is why we live on the moon

This is how we learn
This is how we burn in the shadows
Of the endless night
This is how we offer our faces to the
As we hold our own darkness

The earth twinkles so far from here
We are so homesick
For that atmosphere
The place inside you is the place you can never leave
We have to remember
All the artificial ways
We choose to breathe now
Just to stay alive

We move into our moondust palace
To survive

Survive we will
Survive we do
Far from here the earth is blue
As tears
We used to shed
I close my eyes
And you
Stroke my head as I fall asleep

When I dream
And when I wake
The earth will turn
And my heart will break
For all the beauty in this space
Needs no revision

We have made the right decision

From here we cannot see
Or feel the trembling molten core
Of human sadness, human war

Instead we only see the skies
In each other’s memories
In each other’s eyes

Life is a series of long goodbyes
Of long goodbyes

4-3 Moondust Palace Photo

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