Elementary Season

Poem for April 5th.

By Julie Flanders 4/5/15

The day is partial
To itself
Even though the snow blackens into crust
At every curb
Wind chills gust
Sidewalks spilling over
With what is left
Of winter’s disturbing hold

The day does not care
Morning still yawns
Into the grey embrace of the cold
Spring is coming
And the light is getting generous
And bold
The hours push back the edges of the sky
As the arctic mantle starts to fray
Will the corpse of winter
Finally die

I will not forget to pause
And feel winter’s absence
In the beauty of the day
The way that color creeps up over what was gray
And covers every living throbbing thing
That waits
To see the winter cold

As flowers push their way through the cement
And every new and living thing
Will bleed laughter
As I remain afraid
Of what comes after all this life comes
Crawling to a stand
And winter slips itself out of the cold
Of my hand
To that place we all forget
Beyond ourselves
Beyond all hope, all doubt
All love and all regret

I will pause
In honor of December
When you were born
I stop
And I remember the white mountain
That fell around us
In quiet grace
Until night came
And filled the deep white space
With sleep

The moment breaks
Into the noisy shout of spring
We go outside
And leave the world we’ve known
The winter we have carried
In our bones
Will melt away
And take us with it

Into the fragile promise of the day
We go

4-5 Elementary Season Photo

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