April is Poetry Month

Join us for a JOYRIDE this month! For April is Poetry Month, we will post a fresh Julie Flanders poem for you each day. A Special Limited Edition of Julie Flanders’ first book of poetry, JOYRIDE, is now available for pre-order here! Along with your signed copy of the book you will receive Julie’s CD recording of several of the poems from the book – plus a special bonus. Enjoy.

April is Poetry Month! Here is today’s poem.

By Julie Flanders 4/1/15


Does it matter
If I write a poem

Leave home
With the bent and cracked photo
Of my mother
As a child

The frayed edges
Of the cloth
In the hands of the old woman
Wiping her eyes
On the corner where the crossing light
Is broken

That there is a new willow tree
In Central Park
Where the old one used to be
Before that strange August storm
That tore up trees and scattered whole oaks
Like toys
Across a god-sized toddler’s backyard

Does it matter
If I notice
This hiss of heat
That warms the living room
Where I sit
And reminds me
Of the pipes that fit
And interlock all over this city
Connecting us
Connecting me
With the old woman
Who wipes her eyes
And the young neighbor
Who’s walking above me
As her newborn cries

Does it matter
If my thoughts do not connect
In any predictable way
Sometimes my thoughts
Break loose
And stray
Far from the words
I use
To hold them

Words are little hooks
To put things on
My son asks
Why is it that people forget all kinds of words
But they always remember
The word ‘thing’
They always remember something

Books gather words
Like prisoners
Confined to one place
To tell the same story
Over and over
The same time and space

Does it matter
That I catch and cage these words today
Who gets to say
Perhaps I will go outside
And notice the leaves
That are left
On the fragile trees
And those that have already fallen
And are waiting
To freeze

Perhaps I will notice
That none of this is the truth
Or some of it is
A lie

Does it matter
If I write the poem

Or why

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