forget-you-videoWe were so delighted by everyone’s participation and comments on our two versions of FORGET YOU!

So many people had fantastic things to say, brilliant aesthetic insights and opinions and suggestions we value.

We realized from many of the comments that perhaps we hadn’t been clear enough about these videos and what they are!

The Business of Music is very different these days – meaning that many of our efforts need to be done on a SHOESTRING! Right now, we are reserving all our revenue and SAVING UP to finish our album.  Since the album we are making includes so many LIVE players, a CO-producer, etc. it is quite expensive to complete.

J&M. Oct.2011 Loft Concert.HOWEVER, we STILL want to bring you joy and process and some VISUAL accompaniments to our existing music, and that is how we came up with the idea to create videos from EXISTING footage!

Many of you compared the FORGET YOU video to other beautiful work you love (and we love too!) and also with our own Major Label videos.

We AGREE with you that those videos are like FILMS – they are BEAUTIFUL, narrative and almost cinematic.  Julie wrote the Bury My Lovely videos with Diretor Josh Taft to be like a Maya Deren film – a dream-scape of images to guide the listener on the journey.  And, like a film, these videos are gorgeously shot and meticulously edited at the highest level possible.

The cost of  Bury My Lovely went well into the SIX FIGURES.

The videos we are presenting to you now are nothing like that.

They are created more as an inspired and FUN process to bring together the songs with existing footage to give the listener a POSSIBLE experience or interpretation of the song.  Not THE interpretation for all time, just a SUGGESTED way to add color or flavor
to your listening experience.

We’re thinking of it as “Found Object” art – combining video that fans have shot at Live Concerts with footage that we come across in our searches.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 4.31.40 PMFor FORGET YOU we were looking to present the POWER and presence of that DANCER as an expression of the contradictions inherent in a love/hate relationship or transition.
She is enjoying her DANCE and belonging to herself and it seemed to us as if she was almost conjuring the elements to DEFY her upset and to DANCE out her feelings.

There are many other possible interpretations to the song and now that you know how we are going about it, for those of you who are creative, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO OUTDO US and create something BETTER or even something just DIFFERENT.  Take your OWN photo and VIDEO ideas and make a video you love for one of our songs and if we like it we’ll SHARE it!!!!

Meanwhile, if your form of creativity is to COMMENT on and PARTICIPATE in ours, we WELCOME your engagement.

Loft Concert 10.21.11And IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, the PREFERRED VERSION OF FORGET YOU IS SUCH A CLOSE CALL that we have decided to leave both versions UP on YOUTUBE
but have DECLARED A WINNER FOR NOW: and that is Version 1

We hope you will continue to enjoy our sharing of “Creative Process and Results” in various degrees of Raw and Finished work.

In our own lives, we LOVE the creative process in all its GLORIOUS and messy aspects
as well as in the shine and depth of finished work.

We hope you will enjoy it too and look forward to hearing more from you and about you as we continue on together.

in love and music


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