Interview Blog #1

DT:  2.10.14

The first of several mini-videos featuring Emil, Julie & Marina in conversation about their upcoming album and their history together debuted on Youtube today.  Here is an excerpt of their conversation from “The Making of Angels in the Garden.”

The Making of Angels In The GardenTell us about a song or songs that will appear on your upcoming full-length album.  Do the songs go through many changes?

EMIL:  Angels in the Garden is a pretty good example of a song that went through a fairly complex development.  It changes a lot from beginning to the end.

JULIE:  It has 2 distinct melodies.  Mine is a rich, cello-like line, and Marina’s is so beautiful..

MARINA:  Floating on top. I thought somebody said it really well.  The melodies that Emil has been writing dart in and out among each other.  They dip down below or dip over and there’s always this interplay.  Somebody said it was like a shooting star!

EMIL:  The song was a mood piece, to begin with. It had a very set, static kind of chordal arrangement and started out as something very, very moody, in three [quarter time].  I experimented with setting it in four, with a piano accompaniment reminiscent of “Ariel” – it percolates along – which made the melody a lot less moody.

MARINA:  And then, of course, we have the whole hypnotic thing going on, where we sing in the instrumental break and it’s voice on top of voice on top of voice on top of voice.  That’s one of my favorite parts of our entire everything!

JULIE:  Marina and I have been referred to as JUMA – Julie/Marina – the JUMA.  We do form a sort of entity together, and we perform together in these songs, so we’re reflecting different aspects of the song and were bringing them into a unity, or two different pieces.

MARINA:  We’ve known each other for so long that we probably have inflections, and manners of speaking and even tone that have mirrored and come to resemble or have a relationship together so that when we sing together there is some sort of mesh that you don’t get ordinarily between two singers.

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