Interview with Gabrielle Gewirtz


• Why did you choose the song that you covered? What does it mean to you?

I wanted to do something off the EP, one of the newer songs. I had worked on the cover art and promotions for “Different Eyes” and Mind’s Eye was still playing regularly on my internal radio.


The song, to me, is about the truth of things and the things we assign our own truth to and how they don’t meet. Only by looking within to the place where we can not lie
do we find our freedom.

• How did you arrange the song to make it your own, fresh song?

I wanted to do the song solo playing guitar. I had asked Emil for the chord charts and he sent over something that to me, looked like Chinese (I don’t read music, I play by ear). Two nights later I had a dream about the song and that I should open tune my guitar (DADAAD) and play the song that way. I was at Kripalu at the time (a yoga retreat) and woke up the next day and spent the morning in my room figuring out the song in the new tuning. Everything came together – once I got the sound of the guitar down, I knew how I was supposed to sing it. Harold, My brother in law (Amelia’s Dream) worked at a studio at the time and recorded it for me. He thought it would be cool to add some atmospheric wind sounds to the chorus. I liked how intimate it came out in the end.

• What are you doing now?

My husband David and I have our own graphic design business which we operate from wherever we might be ( These days we are in the Colorado Sierra, 9000 feet up in the mountains. We both are avid backpackers and snowboarders so we decided to spend some time where the mountains are higher and the snow is better.

Music wise I am writing songs (as always) and will be creating acoustic versions of some of them, hopefully, over the winter. I have been focused on licensing songs I have already recorded, which is going nice, slow and steady. Not performing these days accept an occasional open mic when I feel like trying out new material.

• Who or what are your current inspirations?

Nature inspires me most – which is why I love to be surrounded by it as much as possible. I also treasure silence, it is the only way I can hear the radio inside me.
As for Who inspires me – that changes all the time – my husband David inspires me on a regular basis (he is the most strange and creative person I know). Otherwise it  has to do with what I am reading – which can be anything from Emerson to Harry Potter on a given day.

• Who would play you in the ideal movie version of your life, and what would the title of that movie be?

What a strange question? Huh, if I had to choose someone, at least at my present age, I would say Maura Tierney. As for a title, “She Smiles Inside Wide”.

My life is not the stuff people would be interested in – very little drama – a lot of being creative, hiking (at least these days – haha).  Not such a great idea for a movie J 



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