The Book of Rounds

The Book of Rounds

2070883539-1With so many people still suffering the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and now the pain felt around the world by the tragedy in Newtown, we felt a sense of urgency to complete a recording that, while unique for October Project, embodies the heart of who we are and the difference we hope to make in people’s lives.  We offer “The Book of Rounds” as a gift to you in time for the holidays.  It is a gift that will reach back to help others in the world, a gift that we hope you may want to be a part of.

“The Book of Rounds” is a song cycle of seven musical rounds conceived by Julie Flanders and recorded on the Yale University campus, with lyrics by Julie Flanders and music by Emil Adler.  Featuring an a cappella choir composed of members of Redhot & Blue (RH&B), the group that Marina Belica directed while at Yale, the recording was arranged and conducted by Keiji Ishiguri, an alumnus music director of both RH&B and the internationally known Whiffenpoofs.

The ambiance of an a cappella choir is an extraordinary one, as each individual voice comes together into an experience where the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.  When those voices are woven together in the structure of a musical round, where different voices enter on the same melody at different times, the experience for the The Book of Rounds (Back)listener is magnified.  Take those rounds and arrange them to a level of sophistication beyond the simple repetition of melody and you have “The Book of Rounds.”  The angelic arrangements created by Keiji Ishiguri are truly out of this world.

A portion of the proceeds from this recording and all October Project merchandise sold this holiday season will go to the American Red Cross.  We invite you to join us in making a difference by sharing this offering of love with the people in your life.

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A word on OP’s commitment to the American Red Cross

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