October Project Supports the American Red Cross

October Project Supports the American Red Cross



In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, October Project has chosen to donate a portion of all merchandise sales to American Red Cross relief efforts, beginning this holiday season. Even though the storm hit in October, the American Red Cross needs our help to get NYC, Jersey, and all affected areas back on our feet.


According the to Red Cross:

In the first month since Sandy hit, the Red Cross provided almost 79,000 shelter stays for Sandy, part of an overall shelter response that provided more than 153,000 shelter stays. The Red Cross has also:

  • Provided more than 7.4 million meals and snacks through its partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention to people affected by Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

  • Distributed more than 5.2 million relief items including cold weather items like coats and blankets and supplies to help people as they begin the massive clean-up of their neighborhoods.

  • Provided more than 86,000 health services and mental health contacts for people who have been living in very tough conditions.

As an avid Red Cross supporter and volunteer–I led Penn State’s Student Red Cross program and served on the Greater Alleghenies Regional Advisory Board–I could not be more thrilled that October Project is pairing with the American Red Cross. After disasters, like Hurricane Sandy, affected families feel like they lost the lives that they worked to build. They are forced to deal with sudden, unimaginable loss and the seemingly insurmountable task of starting back at square one. But with all of our support, we can help our neighbors get on their feet. We can help them remember that their love–and our love–is as strong as ever.

More information on the American Red Cross Sandy Relief effort:
Hurricane Sandy Report

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