Covered Spotlight: Joy Askew

With the completion of our ‘”Uncovered’ Uncovered” discussion–concerning the piano/vocal “undressing” of October Project songsit is time to open up the musical wardrobe and play dress-up. Over the next few weeks, we will feature interviews with artists from the “October Project: Covered” album, on which some of OP’s favorite artists and dearest friends custom tailored their own take on an October Project song.

This week, we feature Joy Askew’s cover of “If I could.” 

–J.W. Harvey

Covered Spotlight: Joy Askew

Why did you choose the song that you covered? What does it mean to you?

I can’t remember specifically except that it carried some emotion for me!

Joy Askew

How did you arrange the song to make it your own, fresh song?

I used Wurlitzer piano and a Moby style drum program

What are you doing now?

I released a new CD of songs with my band called “Drunk On You” earlier this year and have been playing in NYC to support that.
I just played a concert in London that I helped organise of 14 different artists performing Bob Dylan songs and I have begun a new project of composed and freeform music with Todd Taylor on Tenor sax and myself on vocal loops and electronics that will debut in NYC at Shapeshifter Lab on January 15th!

Who or what are your current inspirations?

Leonard Cohen, Radiohead (still!), my house in France, and some of the wonderful

Drunk On You

animal rights activists I know including Gene Baur, Mia MacDonald, Marisa Wolfson, Jenny Brown, and Tribe of Heart.

Who would play you in the ideal movie version of your life, and what would the title of that movie be?

Ha! Charlotte Gainsbourg…or maybe Helen Mirren! The title would be, with any luck, How Joy Askew Changed the World for Animals and the Environment! (what a title!)

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