Covered Spotlight: Laura Berman

With the completion of our ‘”Uncovered’ Uncovered” discussion–concerning the piano/vocal “undressing” of October Project songsit is time to open up the musical wardrobe and play dress-up. Over the next few weeks, we will feature interviews with artists from the “October Project: Covered” album, on which some of OP’s favorite artists and dearest friends custom tailored their own take on an October Project song.

This week, we feature Laura Berman and her gorgeous cover of “Deep As You Go.”

–J.W. Harvey

Covered Spotlight: Laura Berman

Why did you choose the song that you covered? What does it mean to you?

“Deep as You Go” represents to me an invitation to experience deep engagement, freedom and adventure in this life, to experience Oneness and true relationship. It’s like all of life’s experiences in one song. Brilliance! And an honor to interpret and sing.

How did you arrange the song to make it your own, fresh song?

Laura Berman

Craig Benelli (my husband and producer of “Deep as You Go”) has a unique gift of creating guitar tracks that provide a beautiful bed for my vocals, which we then love to layer and harmonize and make very present in the track. We’re also both really influenced by Pop and Country music, so that’s our general stylistic approach for the instrumentals of our creations. Then, all we have to do is create for me a cozy recording environment, which is generally in our bedroom (with me wearing slippers!) and we’re on our way.

What are you doing now?

Craig & I moved cross-country in 2008 and then, in 2010, we merged in a whole other dimension, to become the pop-inspirational band, 4 S t o r i e s H i g h. We have toured extensively nationwide these past few years, mostly in the New Thought spiritual movement, performing concerts, at workshops and Sunday services. We had the great fortune to perform alongside best-selling authors, Neale Donald Walsch and Marianne Williamson, and also performed at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, which was beyond the beyond in terms of performance experiences, with Rev. Michael Beckwith inspiring us to the point where we literally felt like the building was taking off! Amazing. In recent months, one of our songs, “Changing Lives” was chosen as the theme song for the Dallas and Houston-based reality show, “Top Docs.” Soon “Top Docs” will also be airing in Nashville, with ours as the theme song … Life has been treating us very well! We now reside in Portland, Oregon and are writing and recording the follow-up to our first CD, Detour. In addition to singing and songwriting, I do some musing on my inspirational blog, called OxygenChurch. You can also learn more of me, and see my nature photography on my Facebook page.

Who or what are your current inspirations?

4 S t o r i e s H i g h: Laura and Chris

I’ve always been inspired by entrepreneurs, those who follow their muse, re-create themselves when life feels too small, and those who are willing to grow through old patterns and old stories of themselves. I think I just described myself, ha! Well, you have to be inspired by yourself, right? And music-wise, I’m inspired and continually transformed by the inspirational music of Sara Groves. My life changed for the better the moment I first heard her.

Who would play you in the ideal movie version of your life, and what would the title of that movie be?

Sandra Bullock plays Laura Berman in the hit Motion picture Song of a Woman.

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