New, limited edition Uncovered album available for order

In creating some LIVE Piano/Vocal DEMOS of the SONGS for our UPCOMING ALBUM, we discovered an interesting thing – a lot of people LOVE to hear the songs this way – naked and unadorned, simple and raw – what the songs sound like before they are fully Octoberized with musicians and arrangements.  Having received exuberant feedback about our “Live at the Loft” demos of “Changing Light of Love” and “Far Away In a Moment,” we discovered quite a few of YOU enjoy looking in on songs before they “have their clothes on.”  THUS, for those of you who love PROCESS, we will be offering a Sneak Peek at the October Process whereby Emil creates Phase One of a Song – Melody, Harmonies, Structures and Suggested Directions, which the musicians can then follow and jump into with their own collaborative genius.

THUS as Emil continues to Phase Two with our other musicians in the studio to bring his Adlerian magic to our new album, we are excited to announce the release of “Uncovered,” an “unplugged” EP of five new songs from our new album, plus a bonus, stripped track of the OP classic “Something More Than This.” Here is an opportunity to step behind the studio curtain and experience the songs from the inside out!

But, perhaps most importantly, we want you to be able to sing along to the songs when we begin to tour in the spring. We are so excited to introduce our new music to you that we will release a companion CD early next year featuring the remaining songs stripped down to their essence.

These Live and Intimate tracks are not for everyone! If your favorite parts of a song are the bass, the guitar, the groove or the instrumental breaks, then do not BUY this CD.  If, on the other hand, you enjoy various versions of songs – if you love process – if you love up-close and personal – This Is For YOU!!  This is also for US!!

Uncovered is a fundraiser to help us get to the finish line.  Every CD ordered helps fund the completion of the upcoming album, and we want to encourage you to share OP music with those you love so that the album can reach as many people as possible. Therefore, we want to offer a few incentives to buy and share Uncovered:

  • Each Uncovered CD purchase will enter you in a drawing to receive a free copy of the fully produced album.
  • The first 50 copies of Uncovered will be signed by Marina, Julie, and Emil.
  • Order 5 copies and receive a free OP mug.
  • Order 10 copies and receive a free OP mug and hat.

Uncovered will only be offered in a very limited CD release.  We want to give you a taste of the new album before we go on tour this spring.  And, perhaps most importantly, we are really excited for you to sing along with us as we perform the new songs live.

To purchase, visit our new and updated merch store!


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